Wamboin Community Association

Brigade Communications

The Brigade has installed and maintains a registered Citizens Band (CB) repeater on channel 6. This is what is described as a ‘duplex’ channel where by transmission and reception is on different channels. This provides greater area coverage and more reliable communications.

This provides good CB channel 6 coverage throughout the Wamboin/Bywong/Sutton Park area. There are however some ‘black holes’, so while the coverage is good it is not perfect.

The Brigade uses channel 6 for communications between members, tankers and the fire shed during incidents and other operations. Advice to the community may also be broadcast on channel 6 during fire emergencies.

All residents should be able to monitor channel 6 as this will be particularly useful in the event of a fire emergency. CB radios are relatively inexpensive and available through electronics outlets. Radio scanners can be even more useful for also monitoring the ACT fire towers and other emergency services, in addition to the local repeater frequency.

Channel 6 in the local area should be regarded as an "operation" channel and traffic limited to fire related activities.

For those that may not have repeater coverage, or wish to avoid the expense of buying a UHF radio or scanner; you might consider listening to scanned emergency services transmissions available free on the Internet - Scan ACT - Radio scanner site (emergency services ACT & NSW)

ABC radio AM 666 also provides advice and fire updates on a regular basis during fire emergencies. Households should monitor 666 continuously when the fire danger is Extreme or Catastrophic and at other times when considered prudent. More details of the ABC reporting during emergencies including fire emergencies can be found on the ABC Emergency Information pages