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The October issue of The Wamboin Firefighter is now available... Select the download link below to view latest issue.

Since the advent of the Wamboin Community Association's (WCA's) monthly newsletter in July 1981, the Wamboin Fire Brigade has provided regular updates about its activities, as well as providing tips & advice for property owners. During this same period the Brigade also produced a separate newsletter for the benefit of its members called "The Wamboin Firefighter". From June 1999 an edited version of The Wamboin Firefighter was included in the WCA's monthly newsletter "The Whisper". Around the year 2000 the Brigade Executive decided to discontinue the publication of the Brigade's own newsletter - since by this time The Wamboin Firefighter was fully integrated into the WCA's community newsletter.

The Wamboin Firefighter remains an important way for the brigade to inform the community about its activities. The newsletter regularly highlights the risks associated with living in an area prone to bushfire and features tips and tools for residents and property owners about personal and property preparedness.

As you know, the vast majority of members of the Wamboin brigade are residents from our area who volunteer their time and energies for the protection of the community. To help them, yourself and others in the community, we encourage you to avidly read and act upon information provided by the brigade.

To make the Wamboin Firefighter even more accessible it is offered here as a separate downloadable PDF newsletter. It can also be accessed electronically within The Whisper issues (see "The Whisper" menu item below left) and will continue to feature in the hard copy edition of The Whisper that finds its way into residents' letterboxes each month.

Downloadable Issues

The latest issue reports the commencment of the statutory fire season, and the declared need to obtain a permit prior to lighting any fires in the open. The brigade is busy making preparation for the coming season undertaking active training, and readying of vehicles activities.

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