Wamboin Community Association

Electronic Noticeboard

The WCA Electronic Noticeboard is a mailing list, currently maintained by Yahoo. This mailing list enables an individual subscriber to send email messages to all subscribers, through a single email address, and is intended for the dissemination of community-related information to residents in the Wamboin and Bywong area. Currently, over 200 residents have subscribed to, and receive messages on the Electronic Noticeboard.

Subscribing to the Electronic Noticeboard

You can subscribe to the WCA Electronic Noticeboard by sending an empty email message to wamboin_noticeboard-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.au (just click on this link to create the email message, then simply send the empty message). The sender's address on this email will be submitted for subscription, and the mail 'robot' will immediately send a return email to this address, requesting that the recipient confirm the subscription request. You should simply reply as requested in the second part of this message (don't bother with a YahooID unless you need one for some other purpose).

Your subscription request will then be forwarded to the Noticeboard moderator for approval, which will normally take no more than 24 hours. No subscription request has ever been rejected—this process just helps to prevent spam mail. When the moderator has approved your subscription request, you will receive a welcome message.

Posting a Notice on the Electronic Noticeboard

To post a notice on the WCA Electronic Noticeboard you must first subscribe, as described above (To minimise the potential for spamming, only subscribers can post notices). Once subscribed, simply send your notice to wamboin_noticeboard@yahoogroups.com.au.

Subscribers will receive messages as they are posted; messages do not require approval by the list moderator. Messages can only be posted by subscribers, and will be sent only to subscribers.

Noticeboard Etiquette

Please note that the WCA Electronic Notice Board is intended for the dissemination of community-related notices. It is not intended for exchanges between subscribers, nor for any material that would not be acceptable on any public notice board. Any attachments to a message are stripped off before the message is posted (to minimise the risk of virus transmission), so messages should be entirely contained within the text of the relevant email.

Please observe standard email etiquette, assume that you are addressing a mixed audience of all ages, and avoid any comments of a personal nature.

Noticeboard Moderator

If you have any problems using the WCA Electronic Noticeboard, please send a message to the Noticeboard moderator at